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Title:220KV Three Phase Power Transformer
220KV Three Phase Power Transformer is designed in compliance to IEC60076,GB1094. these series transformer are featuring I good impact resistance, excellent mechanical strength, strong short circuit resistance, Low partial discharge, low noise, low loss, good sealing and little maintenance.

1. With the quality grain-oriented cold-rolled electrical steel, the iron core adopts whole-titled nonporous structure. Using the low magnetic steel sheets as drawing board, the core is connected with the upper and lower clamping fixtures tightly form a steel framed structure so as to obtain the smaller on-load loss and lower noise.

2. Based on the transformer capacity, the windings adopt cylinder,spiral orcontinous structure, and 110KV or higher grade windings,entangled or internal shielded structure so as to improve effectively the distribution of impulse voltage. For the purpose of reducing the additional loss of windings,the conductors are of position-changing or composite type. To use a computer to simulate and calculate the impulse characteristics of electric filed and  windings shall gurantee electic features and impluse strength of windings. To take effective measures technologically will make sure their safe and reliable operations.

3. Entirely round insulating pressing plates are used for the holding down of transformer body. As far as the complete set of technique is concerned, the windings are assembled in a intergrating manner to improve the reliabilty of products.

4. The oil tanks are of bell-jar structure,with the tank walls to be welded with folded plate stiffening angles, thus improving the mechanical strength of tank. In order to lower the stray loss of  trasformer, large sized transformer are equipped with magnetic shield on the inner walls of tanks.

5. In order to prevent the body of transformer from displacing in the course of transportation, the transformer body and oil tank are provided with positioning device. The oil storage tank is of termatically sealed tyoe to separate the oil from atmospphere so as avoid aging and dampening of the oil. The ends are installed on the top of tank so as to guarantee safety operation of products.

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