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Title:66KVOil-immersed Power Transformer
66KVOil-immersed Power Transformer is designed according to IEC60076 and GB1094 for 50Hz, 630-63000kVA, applicable to power transmission and transformation in industrial and agricultural grids.
•  The core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon-steel, inserted at 45, in 3 steps. Core stem and yoke are in multi-stage round section for small idle loss and low noise.
•  According to the size of transformer capacity, HV and LV wiring can be in cylindrical type, spiral type, continuous type or interleaved type. Effective measures are taken in the structure and process of different wiring insulation strength and mechanical strength, to ensure safe and reliable operation.
•  Each transformer is equipped with tapping switches with non-excitation regulating range ±5%;±2×2.5% and loaded regulation range ±8×1.25%. Other tapping ranges are available on request. •  The structure of tank is designed by capacity. Flap top bell type structure is adopted for a capacity larger than 8000KVA. Cylindrical structure is for a capacity smaller than 8000KVA. The whole unit is compact with reasonable cooling effect, guaranteeing the temperature controlled within rated range during full load operation.
•  Accessories include: HV sleeve, LV sleeve, mercury thermometer, oil refilling and draining valve, oil storage, grounding bolt, handing tag and name plate, etc. Gas relay and pressure relief valve are available for units lager than 800KVA, signal thermometer for capacity larger than 1000KVA and remote temperature detector for capacity lager than 8000KVA.
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