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Title:American box transformer substation ZGS

ZG(F)S series Combined Transformer also called American box substation.  It is a power device that integrates receive and transform power and transformer into a whole: laying the limb-winding set, HV switch disconnect or cartridge fuse in the hermetically sealed oil tank or laying the limb-winding set, HV switch disconnect or cartridge fuse in two isolated oil tank Therefore, combined transformers have the advantage of whole in set, small in volume and compact structure; beside its HV internal wiring structure is full insulated structure, and no need insulation distance so as to make sure human safety. 200A cable connector can be disconnected alive and add arrester, charged indicator and fault indicator and other accessories. The connection symbols are Dynll, featuring high quality voltage, neutral no drift and induce chopped interference. It is applicable to both ring net system and terminal system. Due to its high overload capacity, low losses, highly withstand short-circuit well proof lightening and low noise. Meanwhile It has a variety of low-voltage reactive power compensation scheme and automatic switching function, and have anti-Gel measures.     

Combined Transformer features in small size, full sealed, quick installation, reliable operation and low running cost. It can bring the 10KV power grid deep into load center, so as to reduce line loss and beautify the urban environment. It is widely applicable to all kinds of public place, because of its good performance, reliable stability, smart appearance and safety environment protection.     

My company specializes in special Combined Transformer for boost wind farm power grid, and put into operation at Phaeton beam wind farm in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning coastal wind farm wind farm table and Liu, the China Guangdong Nuclear Power and other wind farm in Jilin Daan and well praised by user.

Good-looking appearanced,, compact structure small size, flexible assembly and disassembly, full sealed and HV,LV component share one box which only about 1/3 of the same capacity box type transformer station.

Low-Voltage chamber inside the room for users to install low-voltage switch, transformer, metering and control device .

Security and reliable: Unique cabinet design and a special spray-painted anti-corrosion treatment can be widely used in a variety of adverse environmental conditions, such as many storms and high pollution areas. It adopt sealed box design and maintenance-free. Rational arrangement of parts separated by the level of installation, the use of high-voltage terminal block insulation protection kits or elbow type cable plug to ensure the safe operation. The use of plug-in transformer fuses and the dual back-up fuse protection, plug-in fuse for temperature and current fuse as overload protection; back-up fuse from fuse on the transformer for protecting short-circuit. High-voltage load switch installed in the transformer tank, the switches are small, can switch back and forth direction of 360 ° ,also can be safe and reliable breaking load current, easy to use, high reliability.

Substation low investment: : Because of small size, compact structure, set transformers, low voltage equipment, metrology and measurement in one, without distribution room, wiring the line from the cable trench to import, directly installed in the load center. Cable plug can be electrically charged, when necessary, plug, connect convenience which can reduces the investment cost, and low installation costs.

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