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Title:Continental me change ZBW
YB series pre-Assembled Transformer station (also known as box type transformer station) consists of H.V. distribution device, power transformer and L.V. distribution device, which are installed in one or more boxes and connected with a certain wiring method. It mainly used for 40.5/0.4; 12/0.4kV or 40.5/12kV three-phase AC series, as the transmission, receipt and distribution of electricity power transmission device of the overall style.YB series pre-Assembled Transformer station is small in size, nice in appearance, compact in structure, short cycle in installation, reliable in operation. It also has broad applicability, versatility and interchangeability, which are the preferred power network products. It applies to oil fields, construction sites, mines, ports, high-rise buildings, city street lights, residential community, factories, enterprises, institutions, power plants and power system substation devices for personal use.Layout can be divided into three compartments: HV distribution device, power transformer and LV distribution device, thereinto, the HV distribution device and LV distribution device is full-featured. In addition, the power supply system in HV sides can arranged into a ring network power supply, terminal power supply, power supply dual power supply mode, etc.

HV unit is made of wire leading cabinet, wire feeding cabinet, measuring cabinet and ring main unit and lighting system. It adopted for the load switch, load switch + fuse combination or electrical fuse, isolating switch + circuit breaker and protection.Transformer room from includes fully Sealed transformer or dry-type transformers, ventilation cooling system and lighting system. Ventilation can be natural air cooling and can also be a forced air cooling, lighting system can also be manually

controlled or automatic control.LV unit is made of wire leading cabinet, wire feeding cabinet, measuring cabinet, compensation cabinets and lighting system..  LV unit can be panel or cabinet-mounted power supply required. There is power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive power compensation, and power metering and energy measurement such as a variety of functions to meet the different requirements of users and user-friendly power management, and improve quality of supply.

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